Welcome To Garrett Authorised Dealers

Diesel & Turbocharger Services

DTS 2004 Ltd has a strong customer service orientation and this, partnered with technical expertise and a high quality of workmanship, provides our customers with professional, timely and value for money repairs.


Vehicle Servicing

We service most makes of vehicles, both petrol and diesel, up to 3.5 tonne tare weight. This includes stationary engines, generator services and contractor equipment.


Diesel Fuel Injection

We are a Bosch Diesel Centre and can diagnose and repair most diesel injection pumps and injector problems – in old Fergie tractors to the latest common rail diesel vehicles.



We can repair your existing turbocharger or supply you a brand new factory spec unit.


Dyno Tuning

We have the latest Dyno Dynamics 2WD dyno. Often used for diagnostic work, we  specialise in flash tuning late model Holden V8’s LS1 onwards and are SCT Flash tuning dealers for late model Ford’s.

Our tuners are also competent in tuning the Japanese performance marques of Nissan, Toyota and Mazda Rotaries using Link ECU’s, Apexi Power FC’s, Microtech ECU’s and Nistune realtime tuning boards.


Diagnostic Work

Our staff are extensively trained in the latest diagnostic scope techniques for finding the proverbial “needle in a haystack”.  If your vehicle has a “bad cough” we’ll do our very best to find the cause and fix it once and for all.

9 Hurlstone Drive, New Plymouth, 4312